About us

About us

BST is an independent, world-leading manufacturer of high-quality, fully traceable fasteners for a host of critical applications in a range of sectors characterised by hostile environments. Our products need to have the highest integrity. This is also a quality shared by our people and is a philosophy that permeates our company, which, altogether, makes us a very different – and better – option for our customers.

Our mission

We strive to demonstrate, deliver and drive integrity in everything we do. To have the utmost quality in all our products and processes, from production to testing; to work closely and honestly with customers to provide solutions to industry challenges – and to build a strong company capable of handling any requirement, with integrity at every step.

Integrity at our core

We were founded in 1988 as a family-owned business, and our independent vision, mind-set and British heritage have lasted through to today. As we’ve grown into an international business, we’ve stayed true to our roots – remaining agile, flexible, responsive, progressive and purely focused on our customers’ needs, fulfilling them with integrity.

Due to the nature of our products and sectors serviced, we have also kept compliance at the forefront of our business. Our products are guaranteed to perform to customers’ demanding requirements, comply with all relevant standards and are accompanied by documentation to assure full and true traceability. We actively encourage customer audits, inviting a more in-depth look at our compliant operations and procedures.

Integrity in our people

Because we manufacture to exact customer specifications, it’s essential that we get our products right first time, every time. So, our people are vital. Their expertise and commitment, from initial order through to production, testing and quality assurance, ensures that integrity is prevalent throughout our business.

Our culture also reflects this. We’re relaxed but professional. Diligent and focused, but friendly. Our people enjoy working in a welcoming environment where they’re valued for their skills, expertise and personality, and actively seek to solve our customers’ challenges. If this sounds like an environment where you could thrive, see our careers page.

Our values

Every one of our people is committed to BST and our customers’ success, and each is guided by five values at the heart of our company.

  • Quality: The mantra that drives our business. From our products to our people, we never compromise on quality.
  • Strength: The result of our business principles. Since 1988, we’ve grown steadily to become a market leader.
  • Honesty: The philosophy that inspires our business. Openness and transparency make us a trusted partner.
  • Thoroughness: The method that grows our business. We give customers the confidence that we get it right first time, every time.
  • Responsiveness: The flexibility that rewards our business. Our independence means we’re faster and more agile in adapting to customer demands.

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